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Manage your Intellectual Property in Mainland China, HongKong, Macao and Taiwan

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Helpdesk Video Podcast Series 

Helpdesk Audio Podcast Series

  • Episode 11 – Introduction to Copyright New

    The China IPR SME Helpdesk launches a new Podcast Series for 2016, under the Espresso IP umbrella entitled, “Back to the Basics”. The first audio podcast in this series is an ‘Introduction to Copyright’.

  • Episode 10 – China IPR VDMA product piracy 

    This guest podcast was kindly produced for us by René Bernard, General Manager of VDMA China German Mechanical Engineering and Commercial Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

    René shares with us the results of the recent VDMA product piracy study, along with some useful tips for SMEs working in the mechanical engineering sector for avoiding potential product piracy, or reacting to existing infringements.

  • Episode 9 – China IPR Considerations for the ICT Industry 

    Helpdesk expert Reinout Van Malenstein speaks to us about some key considerations for companies looking to operate in the ICT sector in China

  • Episode 8 – Core IPR Considerations for the Food and Beverage Industry in China 

    Reinout Van Malenstein, IP lawyer and expert in Chinese intellectual property law gives some advice for food and beverage companies looking to make the leap into the lucrative Chinese marketplace.

  • Episode 7 – The Importance of Intellectual Property in China: with Edward Lehman 

    This podcast examines the importance of protecting your IP in China, and the most common challenges SMEs face in the China market. Edward Lehman, from Lehman, Lee and Xu law, explains how protecting your IP can save and make your company money.’

  • Episode 6 – Trade Marks and Trade Secrets for the Services Industry

    China’s domestic market is vast, and public perception plays a hugely important role in how well your services are received there. For this reason, IP lawyer Alessandra Chies takes us through the importance of protecting trade marks and trade secrets for EU SMEs in the services industry.

  • Episode 5 – Utility models in China

    In the first podcast of 2015, the Helpdesk interviewed an expert from the IP Key project to discusses the developments in China’s utility model system and provides key information on this IP type.

  • Episode 4 – 2014 Roundup: Interview with the Helpdesk expert

    In this Helpdesk audio podcast we discuss the major China IPR events of 2014 with our in-house IP Business Advisor, Reinout Van Malenstein. He also takes us through a few of his IP business insights gained while working in China.

  • Episode 3 – IPR in China's Healthcare Industries

    China's healthcare industries continue to experience high growth, and opportunities abound for European SMEs. IP Lawyer, He Jing takes us through some of the tips and watchouts for this sector.

  • Episode 2 – Design patents in China

    In this Helpdesk audio podcast we discuss design patents: what they are and what they are not, how they differ to the IPR available for designs in Europe, and why they are becoming such a popular choice for companies in China.

  • Episode 1 – New trade mark law in China

    The first episode of the China IPR SME Helpdesk audio podcast series will provide you with all the information you need on the new Chinese Trademark Law.