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Manage your Intellectual Property in Mainland China, HongKong, Macao and Taiwan

30 June 2016 Webinar – Trade Mark Protection in China and South-East Asia

The webinar will provide practical advice for the SMEs planning to sell their products or start their business either or both in China and South-East Asia. Our IPR SME Helpdesk IPR expert Mr. Michal Klaczynski will give an overview of what SMEs should know about the main differences in trade mark laws and IP enforcement in China and South-East Asia. SMEs will also receive some practical tips on how to deal with the trade mark infringements and how to develop best strategies for protecting their trade mark. During the webinar you can expect: practical tips on how to register your trade mark in China and South-East Asia; information on what measures SMEs can take when they discover that their trade mark is being infringed; tips and watch-outs on how to build a good trade mark protection strategy in China and South-East Asia and real-life situation examples of trade mark infringements and subsequent enforcement actions and remedies.

Due to technical issues, the webinar recording is not available. Our apologies.