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Manage your Intellectual Property in Mainland China, HongKong, Macao and Taiwan

17 August Webinar – How to Identify and Deal with IP Scams in China?

The webinar will provide practical advice for the European SMEs on how to identify IP scams in China and how to deal with these scams.  Our China IPR SME Helpdesk IPR expert Mr. Michele Ferrante  will give the European SMEs an overview of the well-known IP scams like ‘threat from the third party’ scams or ‘fee cheating’ scams used by the unscrupulous Chinese companies/entities to extort money from the European SMEs. Mr. Ferrante will explain how to identify these potential scams and will advise the European SMEs on how to find correct IP-related information about China.

During the webinar you can expect:  a comprehensive overview on current popular IP scams in China; practical tips on how to identify these scams and how to find correct IPR-related information on China; practical advice on how to avoid and mitigate IP scams in China; real-life examples of European SMEs experiencing and dealing with IP scams in China.