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Manage your Intellectual Property in Mainland China, HongKong, Macao and Taiwan

01 February 2019 Webinar - Doing business with China and the importance of trade secrets

Protecting your Intellectual Property is instrumental in establishing your business in a new market. Whereas copyrights, patents and trademarks are usually well known, the protection of trade secrets is very often neglected, even though trade secrets are a valuable and useful way to protect a company's competitive advantage on the Chinese market. Effective trade secrets protection will require companies to prove that they took reasonable steps to keep their crown jewels secret. Failing to do so simply deprives a company of its ability to enforce its trade secrets rights. Implementing a trade secrets protection action plan is, therefore, a must for any innovative business active in China.
The China IPR SME Helpdesk in collaboration with AWEX; Kaunas Chamber of Commerce Industry and Crafts; Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship organized a one-hour webinar presentation entitled 'Doing business in China and the importance of trade secrets.