Protect your trade secrets in China

Nearly all businesses in all industries and sectors possess trade secrets. Trade secrets are a valuable and highly useful form of intellectual property right. It is strongly recommended that you take the adequate steps to protect them because trade secrets can ensure your business advantage over competitors. You can enforce your rights against those who misappropriate your trade secrets only if you can prove you took measures to keep them secret – if you don’t treat it like a trade secret, it isn’t a trade secret.

Unlike some other forms of IP rights such as patents and copyrights that have a finite term, trade secrets can theoretically enjoy an infinite term of protection so long as the trade secret remains just that - a secret. The main difference between protecting something by patent or as a trade secret is that, while technical information is publicly disclosed in patents, it is kept away from the public eye in trade secrets. A trade secret can last forever as long as the confidentiality measures that protect it continue to work.