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What's in a Name?, Nanjing
Tuesday 09 October 2012, 14:00 - 17:00
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What's in a Name?

Branding and Trade Mark Protection in China


Event Details

Event type:             Workshop

Date:                        Tuesday 9 October 2012

Time:                        2.00pm - 5.00pm

Location:              The Westin Nanjing, 201 Zhongyang Road, 210009 Nanjing


Event partner:       European Chamber of Commerce Nanjing

Supported by:        Netherlands Business Support Office Nanjing, China-Italy Chamber of Commerce,

                            Danish Chamber of Commerce in China, British Chamber of Commerce in China

                            German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in China


Event Description

Many people tend to think about patents or technology when they hear the term Intellectual Property, but it is important to realise that brands and trade marks are considered Intellectual Property as well. Your brand is your company's identity. Public perception plays an important role in how your products or services are perceived, especially in a vast market as China. Because you invest time and money in building a strong brand and reputation, counterfeiting could be very damaging to your business. If you have a brand name or logo which is used in China or if you work with franchising agreements, it is important to know how you should protect these IP assets.


The China IPR SME Helpdesk and the European Chamber of Commerce in Nanjing are inviting you to an interactive workshop on Branding and Trade Mark Protection in China, which will address the following issues:

  • Why it is crucial to register your trade mark in China as soon as possible to avoid future problems
  • How to register a trade mark in different product- and service classes, a system unique to China
  • How to license a trade mark in China
  • Different methods to legally enforce your trade mark in the case of infringement


You are welcome to ask questions throughout the presentation and during the dedicated Q&A time. You may also book a private one-on-one IPR consultation session with the expert following the workshop.


Tentative Agenda

2:00pm - 2:30pm      Registration

2:30pm - 2.45pm      Welcome and Introduction to the Helpdesk Services

                             Judith van de Bovenkamp, China IPR SME Helpdesk

2.45pm - 3.15pm      How to develop a Chinese brand name and strategy

                             Maarten Roos, Managing Director, R&P China Lawyers

3.15pm - 3.35pm      Coffee Break

3.35pm - 4.00pm      Trade Mark Protection and Enforcement in China

4.00pm - 4.30pm      Q&A Session

4.30pm - 5.30pm      IPR one-on-one consultation sessions


One-On-One IPR Consultation Sessions

If you would like to receive confidential one-on-one advice about your China IPR, sign up for a free, 20-minute consultation with our qualified IP lawyer. To ensure you have a chance to meet with the expert, please book your session in advance by indicating your interest when you register. The IPR one-on-one consultation is open to European SMEs on a first-come, first-served basis. Any information you provide to the China IPR SME Helpdesk with be treated as confidential.


Speaker Biography


Maarten Roos, Managing Director, R&P China Lawyers

Maarten Roos was educated at Leiden University and Guangzhou's Sun-Yat-Sen University. He advises and represents Western companies with business interest in China, mainly relating to investment projects and corporate activities, intellectual property rights protection, employment issues and dispute resolution. He has worked on numerous complex transactions including M&A deals, corporate (re-)structuring and company liquidations, and frequently represents foreign clients in negotiations with Chinese business partners and government officials. Maarten also serves on the supervisory board of the subsidiaries of several mulitnational companies.


Maarten founded R&P China lawyers in 2010 as the first foreign-managed Chinese law firm in Shanghai, advising international companies on Chinese legal issues and representing them in court, arbitration and negotiations with government departments. In September 2012 Kluwer Law published his first book: "Chinese Commercial Law: A Practical Guide", which offers insight to Chinese law and practice for international companies that trade with or invest in China, covering subjects such as investment, joint ventures, M&A transactions, IP protection, dealing with disputes, financing subsidiaries and tax compliance.


Maarten has worked in the Chinese legal industry since 2002 and is fluent in English, Dutch and Mandarin Chinese.


Registration and cancellation

China IPR SME Helpdesk events are available to European Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and SME intermediary organisations such as embassies or consulates, chambers of commerce and trade associations only. China IPR SME Helpdesk events are closed to law firms and consultants who offer IPR services. If you meet the criteria and would like to attend please register by emailing rsvp-china@china-iprhelpdesk.eu with the name and date of the event in the subject line and your company information. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Because seating is limited, in the case of unexpected cancellation please inform the Helpdesk as soon as possible.


About the China IPR Helpdesk

The China IPR SME Helpdesk provides free information, first-line advice and training to SMEs to protect and enforce their IPR in China. The Helpdesk’s services are free to European SMEs and SME intermediaries (including EU embassies) and includes training events in China and Europe; online tools and materials at www.china-iprhelpdesk.eu and tailored advice from our expert by phone, Email or though the website.

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Location : Nanjing
Contact : rsvp-china@china-iprhelpdesk.eu


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