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Annual Stakeholders Meeting 2019

The China, Latin America and South – East Asia IPR SME Helpdesks held their Annual Stakeholder Meeting in Brussels on 27 March 2019. This event was an opportunity to exchange information on the importance of intellectual property (IP) for European SMEs doing business in Latin America, China, South – East Asia. More specifically, the event:

  • Informed SME intermediaries on the SME instrument and the IP services offered by the Helpdesks (with live case studies from companies).
  • Trained SME intermediaries on relevant IP topics that can be applied horizontally across the three regions.
  • Created an ongoing dialogue / discussion among participants about the importance of IP for SMEs in the light of the three different economic sectors.

For presentations please click here

And for the Press Release please see here

Annual Stakeholders Meeting 2018 - Presentations

On behalf of the IPR SME Helpdesks, we would like to thank all attendants of our Annual Stakeholders Meeting. We truly hope that you found our conference informative and worthwhile. 

The China, Latin America and South- East Asia IPR SME Helpdesks held their Annual Stakeholder Meeting in Brussels on the 31st of January 2018. The event included live case-study sessions with SMEs, a training on the role of IP in a technology transfer strategy when going international and an interactive panel on enforcement strategies and future trends.

Our diverse and dynamic group of speakers and experts have provided in-depth insights, as well as, practical and actionable tools that are vital when protecting your Intellectual Property Rights in China, South-East Asia and Latin America. 

For EU SMEs who were unable to attend the event on January 31 in Brussels, we are pleased to provide the PowerPoint Presentations below:

  1. Joint presentation of the International IPR SME Helpdesks services – Simon Cheetham, Team Leader and IP expert China and South – East Asia IPR SME Helpdesks


  2. Training “Tips for a competitive Technology Transfer strategy when going international: the role of IP” (Eli Salis: IP Expert Latin America; Thomas Pattlock: IP Expert China; Karl Rackette: IP Expert South-East Asia) - Valentina Salmoiraghi, South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk

China - Pak de Copycat


We are happy to bring to your attention an article written by China IPR SME Helpdesk external IPR expert Mr. Jurjen Groot and published in Dutch in the December 2017 issue of Globe Magazin voor Internationaal Ondernemen

De blog post van vandaag is geschreven door de China IPR SME Helpdesk IP expert Meneer Jurjen Groot en werd eerder gepubliceerd in de December 2017 uitgave van Globe Magazine voor Internationaal Ondernemen. Het artikel "China - Pak de Copycat" gaat dieper in op de bescherming van intellectueel eigendom van Nederlandse bedrijven in China met onder andere tips & tricks met betrekking tot E-commerce, de douane in China, schadevergoeding en bewijs veiligstellen. 


Business Beyond Borders - Texworld in 45 seconds

The 3rd edition of Business Beyond Borders matchmaking event for SMEs and clusters took place at the Texworld Paris international trade fair for textiles and fabrics on 18 - 21 Sep 2017 (Paris, France). Here's a sneak peek of what happened during those exciting days. China IPR SME Helpdesk Expert Alessandra Chies and Project Manager Jim Stoopman were present to answer any IP-related enquiries companies had! 

Click here to view the video!

Charles Feng Appointed as a Consulting Expert of the IP Guiding Cases Research Center of Supreme People’s Court

On August 7, 2017, a semi-annual conference of Consulting Experts Committee of the IP Guiding Case Research Center (Beijing) of Supreme People’s Court, which was organized by the Experts Autonomous Management Committee, was held at Beijing Intellectual Property Court. The IP Guiding Case Research Center, approved by the Supreme People’s Court and located at the Beijing IP Court, is run by influential scholars and lawyers in IP protection who are responsible for selecting, editing and compiling guiding cases as well as summarizing, publishing judicial experience and rules in IP protection.

Many influential judges, officials, scholars and lawyers, including Mr. Su Chi, Chief Justice of Beijing IP Court and also the Director of the Case Research Center, Ms. Song Yushui, Vice President of Beijing IP Court, Mr. Jin Kesheng, Director of the Experts Autonomous Management Committee, and Mr. Pu Xiang, General Secretary of the Experts Autonomous Management Committee, attended the conference. Recognizing his expertise and influence in intellectual property protection, Charles Feng, partner of East & Concord Partners, was appointed as one of the Consulting Experts of the IP Guiding Case Research Center for the conference, together with influential scholars and lawyers such as Professor Feng Xiaoqing of China University of Political Science and Law, Professor Du Ying of Central University of Finance and Economics and Mr. Xu Jiali, Director of Intellectual Property Committee of China Case Law Society. The conference was held by Associate Professor Yao Huanqing, Convener of Copyright Consulting Experts Committee.

After a brief introduction of the operation of the Consulting Experts Committee, Chief Justice Su Chi issued the appointment letters to the newly appointed consulting experts. The conference also witnessed the establishment of the Research Committee of Extraterritorial Cases. After that, some consulting experts reported at the conference on the progress of their research projects. The attendees also held a discussion about how to exercise the responsibilities of consulting experts. Mr. Jin Kesheng and other consulting experts shared their experiences and impressions with others. Lastly, Chief Justice Su Chi delivered the closing speech in which he expressed hope that the newly appointed consulting experts would actively fulfill their roles and make further contributions to the Intellectual Property protection in China.

The establishment of the Guiding Cases Research Center, as Tao Kaiyuan, Vice President of the Supreme People’s Court, puts it, is an important measure to comprehensively implement the principle of governing the country by law, a system innovation of judicial reform of Intellectual Property protection and also an effective method to acquire judicial justice in Intellectual Property protection.

For more information please have a look here.


China IPR SME Helpdesk external expert Charles Feng Interviewed by The New York Times on New Balance Case


On April 24, 2017, in New Balance v. Shenzhen Xinpingheng(新平衡), et al., in which New Balance brought an unfair competition claim against Shenzhen Xinpingheng and four other defendants, the Suzhou Intermediate People’s Court ordered that the five defendants pay penalty of RMB1.7 Million (US250,000) for violating a preliminary injunction which prohibits them from selling infringing shoes. Not only is New Balance the first case in which this Court ordered a preliminary injunction for unique packaging and design, but it is also the first time an unusually high amount for penalties was awarded and therefore drew much attention from IP specialists.

In preparation for its recent article "New Balance Court Ruling in China is Rare Win against Piracy", The New York Times interviewed well-known experts on the subject of IP protection. This includes Amy Dow, Senior Global Corporate Communications Manager for New Balance and Charles Feng, Co-Head of East & Concord Partners’ Intellectual Property Department.

Ms. Dow confirmed the amount of the penalty and stressed that “these actions are significantly more costly than traditional counterfeit enforcement measures, but New Balance believes strongly in the protection of our intellectual property”.

Charles Feng praised the Court’s decision stating “[t]he injunction was particularly important as Chinese courts typically don’t award too much in the way of damages in trademark infringement cases and injunctions help the right owners minimize the losses from trademark infringements”. However, he added that “it is still uncommon for Chinese courts to issue preliminary injunctions protecting intellectual properties and in the past 10 years, only 5 to 10 percent of companies that applied for preliminary injunctions obtained them.”


Read the full article on the New York Times

26/04/2017 - Successful EU Gateway | Business Avenues – IPR SME Helpdesk collaboration for business opportunities in Asia

The China and South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesks are always looking for partners to help bring IPR information and services to the attention of EU SMEs, and a meaningful partnership of continuous support is taking shape with EU Gateway | Business Avenues in relation to China and South-East Asia.

Through years of experience in hosting high quality business missions for various industries, EU Gateway | Business Avenues has also provided a platform to directly engage EU SMEs participants on the topic of IP protection and enforcement in China and in South-East Asia.

“The IPR presentation was the best one I've ever heard”
Markku Rajala (Finland)
Participant from a EU Gateway | Business Avenues mission in South East Asia


“The HelpDesk is an excellent opportunity to protect your IP”
Jörg Fischer (Germany)
Participant from a EU Gateway | Business Avenues mission to China


EU Gateway | Business Avenues missions are funded by the EU and provide European companies with direct access to Asian markets and local players, professional coaching and tailored business matchmaking. All this leads to long-term collaborations, signing of contracts, closing of business deals, new local partners and distributors, and an increased understanding and establishment in the market. When complimented with the Helpdesks’ free of charge services for EU SMEs expanding in China and South-East Asia, it creates the necessary conditions for successful and sustainable market entry.

EU Gateway | Business Avenues has been active in Asia for the past 20 years. Since the first pilot missions in 2014 in South East Asia and to China this year, hundreds of European companies have had the opportunity to expand their business in these markets through the programme. From 8-14 March 2017, the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk was present at the Contemporary European Design business mission to Singapore and Indonesia, reaching out to 40 Companies from 15 European countries. From 20-24 March, the China IPR SME Helpdesk attended the first EU Gateway business mission for Clean Technologies to China, engaging with 39 European companies from 14 European countries.

The Helpdesks’ Advisors and External Experts provided customised support to the missions in 2017 by providing industry specific webinars, IP briefings, and also shared case studies and publications with all participants. Approximately 80 IP enquiries were replied during the mentioned missions. Topics of relevance included first-line advice on how to draw a comprehensive business and IP strategy in these respective markets to support internationalisation plans.

The number of business missions under EU Gateway | Business Avenues is intensifying in 2017 with a total of 3 upcoming and confirmed business missions in South-East Asia and one in Healthcare & Medical Technologies mission to China. Additionally, the IPR SME Helpdesk is always present at each mission’s pre-departure meeting in Brussels to brief participants on the importance of IP rights for their products.

While the missions support companies engage meaningfully in many aspects of exporting to Asia, participants also benefit from tailored one-to-one IP consultation and support while exhibiting their products at trade fairs, as well as on-site support in case of IP infringements taking place at the trade fair.

Are you a European company interested in expanding your business in China or South-East Asia? Make sure to apply online to the next EU Gateway | Business Avenues missions – and look for the free of charge services provided by the China and South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesks.


14/07/2016, Effectively protecting your IP when entering the Chinese market, Athens, Greece, 18 July 2016

The event is the result of a collaboration between the China IPR SME Heldpesk and Hellenic Chinese Chamber of Commerce. The Commercial Counsellor of the Greek Embassy in Shanghai, the Chamber President and General Secretary, will also attend. The China IPR SME Helpdesk expert, Mr. Bertram Huber, will deliver a presentation entitled ‘Effectively protecting your IP when entering the Chinese market’ to the Hellenic Chinese Chamber/Commercial, Industrial, Shipping and Tourism.  The presentation will provide a general overview of the legal knowledge that you are required to know in order to ensure safe and effective business in China. Mr. Huber will also provide practical advice on what to be aware of when internationalising your business to the region. His presentation will include key case studies, checklists and takeaway messages. There will also be the opportunity to ask specific questions in a Q&A session

14/07/2016, Webinar title: Industry Focus: Managing your IP in the Cleantech Industry in China and South-East Asia, 20 July 2016

The webinar will provide practical advice for the SMEs engaged in Cleantech Industry and planning to sell their products or start their business either or both in China and South-East Asia. Our IPR SME Helpdesk IPR expert Mr. Philippe Deltombe will give an overview of what SMEs should know about the main differences in patent laws, design patents and in keeping trade secrets in China and South-East Asia. SMEs will also receive some practical tips on how to write good non-disclosure and licensing agreements, how to deal with patent or copyright infringements and how to develop best strategies for protecting their IP in cleantech industry.

During the webinar you can expect:

  • Practical tips on how to register and protect your technology related IP in China and South-East Asia.  
  • What measures SMEs can take when they discover that their IP is being infringed upon.
  • Tips and watch-outs on how to keep trade secrets and write good non-disclosure agreements in China and South-East Asia.
  • Real-life situation examples of IP infringements in the Cleantech Industry and subsequent enforcement actions and remedies.


 Join the  China and South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk expert Mr. Philippe Deltombe on Wednesday, 20 July 2016 for a webinar:


14/07/2016, Summer School on IP, Bonn, Germany, 27 July 2016 - 5 August 2016

The University of Bonn invites graduate and postgraduate students as well as young professionals from any field of study or discipline to a Summer School on Intellectual Property in Bonn. 

The Summer School on Intellectual Property will take place from July 25 to August 5, 2016.  

The program offers:

  • classes that cover the main areas of Intellectual Property
  • guest lectures on selected Intellectual Property issues 
  • excursions (for example to innovative institutions and companies)

The Summer School is open to 30 participants. The program is conducted in English. 

The classes and guest lectures will take place in the main building of the University of Bonn. 

The Summer School introduces students to the main areas of Intellectual Property and examines important Intellectual Property issues. The students will be able to discuss Intellectual Property issues with professionals from Intellectual Property organizations, innovative companies, research facilities, law offices, and the University of Bonn.  

The Summer School aims to provide graduate and postgraduate students as well as young professionals with insight into the field of Intellectual Property and an appreciation of the significant role of Intellectual Property in furthering the economic and technological development, and particularly in promoting innovation.