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If you have an enquiry regarding protecting your IP in China you can either E-mail us at or you can use the form below and click 'submit'. Your enquiry is treated with the strictest confidence and will be answered within seven working days. If you prefer, you can also call the Helpdesk on +86 (10) 8527 6922. Please note that the Helpdesk is based in China and therefore is eight hours ahead of GMT. Opening hours are from 9:00 – 18:00 Standard China Time.

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What can I ask?
Ask anything that has to do with IPR in China. No Question is too small. Click ‘Read Sample Questions and Answers’ below for some examples.
How do I ask?
We will provide you with advice no matter how short your question is. However the more information we have about your business and the more precise your question is, the more bespoke and detailed advice we will be able to give.
What kind of reply will I get?
We will provide you with all the knowledge about IPR in China that you have requested and that we find relevant to your situation. We cannot undertake specific research or investigations with regards to your case. We cannot recommend specific service providers like law firms or agents. We do not provide legal services.
Which language can I use?
The main language of the Helpdesk is English. We can currently also provide answers in French, Spanish and Polish.
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