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Manage your Intellectual Property in Mainland China, HongKong, Macao and Taiwan

27 September – Getting Smart on IP: How to protect your IP in China and South-East Asia in the smart technologies sector

Smart technologies sector is developing rapidly in both China and South-East Asia, thus offering many promising opportunities for European SMES. IP however, is a critical consideration for European SMEs that come to China and South-East Asian, wishing to tap into the market potential for business growth, or the talent pool for technology development. When engaging in R&D in China or South-East Asia, new IP is being created, the rights to which need to be clearly defined from the outset to avoid disagreements later on. Similarly, when SMEs are bringing new technology to China and South-East Asia, it is definitely smart to consider all means to protect their valuable IP. This webinar gave European SMEs an overview of IP protection tools in China and South-East Asia. The expert provided real life case studies involving European SMEs experiencing and overcoming IP issues in the smart technologies sector. 


*Due to technical reasons the full recording is not available.